💧Universal Shared Liquidity

AMM to CLOB Evolution

Superposition DEX is an architecture revolution. Built as a Decentralised Limit Order Book (DLOB) on Layer-3 using Stylus, built with Arbitrum Orbit for unparalleled throughput whilst leveraging the flexibility of the EVM as well as extensible Account Abstraction - driven UX optimises the developer experience for a frictionless Web2 process on Web3.

The DLOB introduces the concept of Universal Shared Liquidity, where liquidity exists in a state of 'superposition'.

Protocols can tap into this shared pool, eliminating liquidity fragmentation.

With Superposition handling the foundational offerings, protocols can focus on innovating, and offering unparalleled products to users.

Shared Utility in Stages

The first phase for Superposition will be realised through a fee-less order-flow focused automated market maker (AMM) based on the v3 model called Longtail. This AMM will later natively evolve into an on-chain CLOB. The liquidity will get migrated into a shared liquidity orderbook, allowing users and developers alike to solve the "cold start" liquidity problem, and make use of universal shared liquidity that any protocol can tap into to build their own DEXs and deritatives products on top of.

Longtail has two stages:

Ⓜī¸Longtail AMM Specs📚Longtail Orderbook Specs

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