📈Incentives : Intent Based Yield Distribution

Intent-Based Transactions: Purpose-Driven Actions

Superposition reconceptualizes transaction execution by focusing on the underlying intent. Transactions on Superposition are more than value exchanges; they contribute to the platform's liquidity and participate in utility mining. This model ensures that every transaction is meaningful and synergistic with the platform's overarching objectives.

Developers don't necessarily have to charge a fee for it to be used. Their focus is now on increasing engagement rather than revenue modelling through high transaction costs or gimmicks that would limit users to experience the Dapp.

As users use a dapp and transact within it through the use of Super assets, a portion of the prices could go to the dev's wallet. In that instance the Dev is a partial receiver of a, say item trade, where the two parties conducting the trade earn 80% each of the reward, and the developer 20% (as an example).

Without charging any fees, protocols can gain higher revenues based upon user actions and traction.

In fact, you could remove fees in total which would generate high transaction volume, seeing more potential reward distribution being gained by that developer.

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