๐ŸŒ‰ Bridging to Superposition Testnet

  1. Add the Superposition Testnet to your Wallet (Click here for a tutorial from Metamask) with the following network details (You can skip this step if you have already done this):


Network Name

Superposition Testnet


Chain ID


Currency Symbol


Block Explorer

  1. Select the tokens and amount you want to bridge from Arbitrum Sepolia to Superposition under the "Deposit" field.

  1. Click on "Deposit", approve the token and initiate the deposit

  2. You're now good to go! Your tokens should arrive in approximately 10 minutes on the Superposition Testnet

  3. Click on "Withdraw" to bridge from the Superposition Testnet back to Arbitrum Sepolia

The Superposition Testnet bridge currently supports the following Arbitrum Sepolia Assets:

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